7 Benefits of SpinCity Cycling | Chadds Ford’s Fat Loss Answer

  1.  Eliminates Stress:  Generates endorphins which greatly improves mood.
  2. Burns Calories:  Each session can burn between 700-1500 calories
  3. Improves Cardiovascular Health:  Indoor cycling is both anaerobic and aerobic in nature and improves the efficiency of heart all while lowering blood pressure.
  4. Strengthens Your Core:  Indoor cycling not only targets the erector spinae (low back) but also the position of the handle bars engages the rectus abdominis (abs)
  5. Minimizes joint injuries:  Indoor cycling is non impact on the joints
  6. Greatly Improves Body Composition:  As long as you are following a sensible diet, SpinCity Cycling will result in a caloric.
  7. Make New Friends:  SpinCity Cycling is great for making new friends because we spin in “a pack” pushing and encouraging each other to make it through the ride.

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